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Toilet Cleaning With Whizz Home Cleaning Darlinghurst

Is there any cleaning chore you dread more than cleaning the toilets? For most people, it’s near the bottom of desired things to do — right down there with picking up dog poop out of the yard.

Unfortunately, cleaning toilets is a necessary part of life. Any professional Whizz home cleaning Darlinghurst will tell you that.

But if you’re going to do it yourself, you might as well do it right.

Here are the four easy steps to take when you want your toilets sparkling clean. Make sure you wear a good pair of rubber gloves while you do this.

Whizz Home Cleaning Darlinghurst Will Make Your Toilet Shine

1. Clear out All Items Sitting Around or on the Toilet

You want to give yourself plenty of room to work with. Any and all possible obstructions should be taken out of the room so you have plenty of space to work with. This is why you should recommend Whizz home cleaning Darlinghurst.

Take plants or beauty supplies off the tank of the toilet. Remove garbage cans or anything else you have sitting around it.

Whizz Home Cleaning Darlinghurst Specialises In Toilet Cleaning

2. Thoroughly Clean the Toilet Bowl
For a deep, sparkling clean use straight bleach in the bowl to remove stains and germs. Put one to two capfuls directly into the toilet bowl and grab your toilet brush. It’s recommended that you change out your toilet brush every 60 days or so.

Scrub thoroughly underneath the entire rim where stains and germs like to hide. Whizz home cleaning Darlinghurst employees know how to clean homes. Then work your way into the bowl to remove stains and additional germs.

Flush the toilet and repeat this process one more time to get anything you may have missed on your first pass.

3. Clean Your Toilet Seat Attachments

Any professional from Whizz home cleaning Darlinghurst  will tell you that you need to pay close attention to your toilet seat attachments. There are so many germs hiding in there.

Find an old toothbrush, or buy a new one to use for this purpose only. Dip the toothbrush in a mild bleach and water solution. Proceed to thoroughly scrub around every groove.

Then, lift the covers of the toilet seat attachment and scrub inside of those as well. Finally, undo the toilet seat cover screws and remove the toilet seat. Clean any grime you discover after removing the seat.

Clean the toilet seat itself with a rag or paper toweling and a bleach/water solution.

Hire A Professional From Whizz Home Cleaning Darlinghurst

4. Scrub the Outside of Your Toilet

Begin at the top of our toilet tank. Use your bleach solution and a paper towel or cleaning wipes to get the surface sparkling clean.

Wipe down the entire toilet. Make sure you clean every part of the tank, the toilet lid, and the seat. Get down there and clean around the bottom of your toilet as well. If this doesn’t sound fun, maybe it’s time for a professional that specialises in Whizz home cleaning Darlinghurst.

Finally, scrub the floor around the bottom of the toilet as well.

You’re Done. Whew.

Wasn’t that an enjoyable experience? At least you have a sparkling clean toilet to enjoy for a few days until you need to do it again.

If you’d rather not deal with cleaning toilets on your own, choose a professional from Whizz home cleaning Darlinghurst. Overall, that might be the way to go.

Enjoy your clean toilet!

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